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Builders Insurance

Need builder contractors insurance? Start by comparing the cost of builders insurance by getting multiple quotes from a panel of UK insurance brokers. This will enable you to easily compare tradesman insurance in the building trade.

As of late, more and more scrutiny is being aimed at the home improvement industry, specifically the contractors. Homeowners (and rightly so) are looking for assurance that the company that is undertaking the work on their property can be trusted. It is therefore imperative that all reputable builders meet required standards and guidelines, in the interest of protecting both parties.

By its very nature, building can be a hazardous business. Simply drilling in the not exact (wrong) place can cause flooding. Tools, tiles, or bricks can fall on passers-by. Fires can occur as a result of faulty wiring. And remember, what one person calls an accident, another will call negligence.

Whether you run a building firm, or you are self-employed, you need builders contracting insurance. An unforeseen incident can lead to a massive damage claim. Should this claim be successful, you could be put out of business for a long period of time, or worse yet, permanently. For argument sake, let’s say the claim is not successful. You most likely will still be facing legal costs that petty cash, without a doubt, will not be able to fund.

The right kind of builders contractor  insurance which includes both public and employer's liability will protect you against financial disaster. There are three types of insurance that every trusted builder should have.

  • Public Liability Insurance

This will provide protection for third party injuries. If a passer-by, for example is hit by a piece of slate that falls from the roof, you will be covered if you are considered liable. This type of cover also protects neighbouring properties from possible damage. In short, this insurance covers anyone not directly involve in the home improvement process should they be inadvertently wronged.

  • Employer’s Liability Insurance

If you have even one employee, this cover is required by law. It will protect all parties in the event that that an employee were to become injured as a result of installation or fitting as they undertake home improvement work for you

  • Installer’s All-Risk Cover

This will cover work being done by a builder, should it be damaged or destroyed before it is actually completed, or the homeowner has had a chance to extend their policy as to cover it.

Even though finding the least expensive (cheapest) builders insurance policy is important to balance this out and make sure your policy has all the cover that you need. A potential customer is far more likely to choose your company for their needed building work, if you are a contractor with the proper Building Insurance.

    Tips on how to obtain the best Builders Contractor Insurance

    • Finding the cheapest policy is important when it comes to keeping costs down and remaining competitive however, you should also consider the quality of the cover.

    • Make sure to verify and the excess you may need to pay

    • Be aware of the maximum amount the insurer will pay for claims

    • Be sure to understand the exclusions (conditions under which the policy won’t pay out.)

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