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Carpenters Insurance

Carpenters Insurance is a specifically designed type of cover that will protect you in the event of an accident, such as injury to the actual customer, or damage to their property, or even to a member of the general public by you or your business. Whether you’re converting a loft, fitting out a shop, building a kitchen, or hanging a door, you as a Carpenter are exposed to risks on a daily basis.

Since being a carpenter is a very specific trade, there is the need to obtain the right insurance cover for your exact needs. All insurers are in search of your business, and searching for the best one can at times be a little annoying and time consuming due to the many variables that can be involved in obtaining a Carpenters Insurance policy. The best way to do this is avail yourself of the services of a broker. Not just any broker, but one who has both the knowledge, and experience to streamline this process for you, and as is almost always the case, save you some money also.

What types of cover are recommended to include in my Carpenters Insurance policy?

Public Liability Insurance

By the very nature of your trade, the mix of tools and materials often create a risky, and sometimes dangerous environment for you and others. . Often times, potential customers will want to see proof of cover prior to awarding you the job. It is for this reason that a wise professional wouldn’t think twice about carrying Public Liability Insurance. Should the worst happen, and someone is injured or property damaged, having this type of cover included in your carpenters insurance policy can put your mind at ease.

Product Liability Insurance

This type of cover, the same as public liability is not compulsory, by is highly recommended, not only by providers, but by tradesmen as well. Should a product that you use in your business become defective due to no fault of your own, your customer might file a claim in court against you. It’s important to understand that sometimes problems with new products are slow to emerge until the consumer starts to use them regularly. In the event of this happening, having Product Liability Insurance is a low cost safety net for you and your business.

    Tools and Equipment Insurance

    Tools are absolutely vital in the construction industry. As a professional carpenter, you rely on an array of tools that no doubt you have spent good money on. If bad luck should happen to find its way to you, having tool and equipment cover in your carpenters Insurance policy can help you be up and running in your business in short time.

    Employers Liability Insurance

    This type of cover, when added to a carpenters Insurance policy provides protection should an employee suffer illness or injury at work and decide to seek compensation from the employer. It is required by law of all businesses that employ staff or use labour only contractors. An employee could say that the accident occurred due to improper training, or not being supplied with the proper safety equipment. This is your livelihood. Take no chances.

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