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Professional indemnity insurance for electricians

We can help you get multiple quotes for professional indemnity insurance suitable for electricians. How? Complete one online form and your electrician insurance requirements will be passed to a panel of UK insurance brokers who will then provide you with an electricians insurance quote.   

Electrician Insurance

As an electrician, you know that your trade requires not only the utmost patience, but also a very special skill-set that you no doubt have spent years perfecting. In addition, it goes without saying , that you have devoted much time and energy, perfecting your business model, along with building your reputation. If you are a sole trader or small to medium size electrical business taking out insurance to cover your liabilities will ensure that your are protecting  from what could be a substantial financial loss in the event of a claim against you or your business. This applies to any trade and we can provide multiple quotes so you can compare the cost plumbers public liability insurance and many other trades. 

Whether you are working residential or commercial, you will constantly find yourself working with dangerous tools whilst around public and other people’s properties. Despite the utmost attention and care, accidents can, and will happen. The cost of just one mistake can be huge for both your company and your customer. Your company is your investment, and it is vital that you protect this investment by obtaining the best electrical Insurance possible. Comparing tradesman insurance is one step to finding a policy that covers you if you are self employed or if are a business owner.

Keep in mind that even if you are careful and conscientious in your work, and never have had a claim against you, having Electrician Insurance can still benefit you directly. You could use this cover in your marketing material, thus adding to your professional image.

Who Needs Electricians Insurance

  • Lighting Technicians
  • Heating Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Air conditioning Contractors
  • Electric Repair workers
  • HVAC Technicians

Compare Electrian Insurance - Multiple Quotes in Minutes

What type of cover is provided on an Electricians Insurance Policy?

Public Liability Insurance

It is wise to have this type of insurance in place, even though it is not legally required by law. It very well could come up, as a requirement for a sub-contractor to have this type of cover to work on a certain site. In addition, it may, in some instances, be necessary to produce evidence of such insurance prior to a contract being awarded. As the name implies, Public Liability Insurance is there to protect you and your business against any claims, should they arise, from embers of the public, such as a customer, due to work being carried out. Damage to property of property is also covered.

A key advantage of this type of insurance is that it will both injury and property damage should they occur at a later date. An example of this would be faulty or poorly installed wiring causing a fire. Should the electricians work be deemed to be at fault, the Electricians Insurance Policy would then be called upon to legal costs, along with any compensation awarded by the court.

Employers liability Insurance

Any reputable employer is responsible for not only the health of their employees, but their safety as well. This means not just while they are at work, but in some instances, when they are travelling on company business. Employees might seek compensation should they be injured at their work, or perhaps become ill as a result of their work. Law requires that employers must carry a minimum level of Employers Liability Insurance to provide for this situation.

This in no way means that an employer can neglect their responsibilities to their employees physical welfare.should an insurer conclude that an Employer’s Insurance policyholder of theirs has failed in this regard, they may not only refuse to pay the claim, but could very well sue the business in order to reclaim any compensation it had paid out.

    Electricians Insurance - Get Online Quotes in Minutes

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