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Plumbers Public Liability Insurance

Start comparing  the cost of plumbers public liability insurance by getting multiple online quotes. How ?  Select the quote option, complete one online form and wait for multiple quotes from UK insurance brokers. Compare the policies in particular exclusions and inclusions and if you find a policy that meets with your business requirements you can proceed to purchase a policy direct form the broker.  

It’s well known by anyone in the plumbing trade, that anytime one works with water, they are faced with unique risks. Should any member of the public be injured, or property incur damage, because of your work, having plumbers insurance will prevent you from worrying. Cover to protect not only your tools, but materials is also available.

Regardless of how careful a plumber you are, accidents can and will happen. Any mishap that happens with water, in a word, can be disastrous, such as an electrical system being shorted, or home being flooded. Not having the cover provided by the right plumbers insurance policy could very well threaten your livelihood should a claim be brought against you and to find the right policy start by comparing tradesman insurance policy options .

What type of insurance do plumbers need?

    Plumbers Public Liability Insurance

    This type of cover will protect your business should any member of the public file a claim against you. Two examples of this would be if a customer’s flat was flooded due to a poorly fitted ball-valve, or someone slipping and falling on water that is present from leaking water from a pipe you are repairing.

    Employer’s Liability Insurance

    If in your plumbing business, you employ any staff, trainees, or even sub-contractors, by law you are obliged to carry this type of cover. This cover is usually able to be added to your Public Liability Policy and will provide you cover should employees file a claim against your plumbing business due to disease or injury as a result of working for you. This type of cover is designed to protect you from things such as a worker being scalded as a result of a break in a steam line. Another example is long-term illness that might occur because of exposure to harmful materials.

    Contractors All Risks

    There is no doubt that as a plumber, the need for quality tools is essential. In the event that something unfortunate happens, and you need to replace them, the cost will be high. It is for this reason that many contractors in the plumbing trade avail themselves of Contractors All Risk (CAR) cover.

    Each and every CAR policy can be tailored to provide

    • Employee's Tools

    • Hired-In Plant

    • Temporary Buildings

    • Architects Drawings

    • Show-home Contents

    • Contract Works

    • Own Plant and Tools

    As we have mention, any plumbers insurance policy is flexible and can be tailored to you exact needs by choosing one of these options.


    Whether you have hand or power tools that you use in your plumbing business, there is cover available. If they are stolen or damaged, most often, the policy will provide for them to be replaced with new equivalents. You also can be given the option to insure tools left in a vehicle overnight.

    Business/Office Equipment

    You may also have the need to cover equipment such as computers. Items such as mobile phones and laptops can also be protected when away from the premises. Most policies will stipulate that these type of items cannot be left in a vehicle overnight.

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