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Roofers insurance

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As a roofing contractor, you are well aware of the day to day risks that are involved as you run your business. It only takes one fall from a roof or ladder to cause severe injuries. These injuries could very well compromise your ability to do your job, and thus be able to earn an income. There are also the risks of damage to property, equipment, subcontractors, and other individuals that may be near the job site. For these reasons, having tradesman insurance cover that roofers insurance provides, will protect the well being of your business, as well as your assets.

Here in the UK, just under 300 roofers die each year, mainly from falls. Being a roofer is one of the top 5 most dangerous jobs. Roofing Insurance, not unlike other types of insurance, is available in many forms. The nature of your business will dictate the exact cover needed, such as if you hire employees or subcontractors, and whether you work year-round. Since your roofing business is unique, make sure that you obtain the proper combination of cover.

Several types of business insurance you may wish to consider

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP) :This type of policy will combine the different kinds of cover that are designed for the small business owner. Should you bundle different types of cover together, there is often a discount.
  • General Liability :  This will cover bodily injury to non-employees and third party property damage.
  • Professional Liability :  If, in the course of your business, you consult with customers and recommend specific products and treatments, this type over cover may be appropriate. Should your advice or recommendations result in a loss to your customer, this insurance is specifically designed to protect you against legal costs involved should they decided to file a claim against you.
  • Worker Compensation :  This is cover that insure your employees should they become sick or injured due to a work-related incident. It can provide for lost wages should they not be able to continue working. It’s important to note, depending on your local regulations, and the number of employees you have, you may be required by law to carry Workers Compensation as part of your roofers Insurance policy
  • Commercial Vehicle Policy :  In your roofing business you may need cover for any number of cars, vans, trucks, and specialised trailers. This type of cover does just that.

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Are there others types of cover that make sense to include in Roofers Insurance?

There most definitely are. Often, these can be added to an existing Business Owners Policy, or purchased as stand-alone cover.

  • Tools and Equipment Floater :This will cover any leased specialised tools and equipment you may need for your roofing business. This normally can be added to the Property Damage section of your Roofing Insurance policy.
  • Inland Marine Insurance :  This simply, will insure your tools and equipment while it is being transported from one job site to another.
  • Work Performance Bonds :  While these are not technically insurance policies, they provide a work guarantee that is sometimes required when doing commercial or municipal roofing jobs.

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Need Insurance for your Electrican * Plumber * Roofer  *  We can help by comparing multiple suppliers in minutes